Defend America

Americans realize the world as we know it has changed and the threats to our liberties are greater than ever. Anti-gun media and gun ban lobbies are attacking our Second Amendment freedoms more than ever in our history. At every turn, anti-Second Amendment politicians – and the extreme anti-gun billionaires who back them – seek to demonize the purchase and ownership of firearms across the nation.

But NRA's Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) knows responsible gun ownership exemplifies what is good and right about America. We know the Second Amendment is not just words on paper, but represents the principles upon which this country was founded. Our individual liberty is what separates America from every other nation, and without it all of our freedoms are at stake. That's why when our Second Amendment freedoms are on the line, NRA-ILA fights back to DEFEND AMERICA.

NRA-ILA is the legislative, legal and political arm of the NRA that maintains vigilant watch over our Second Amendment freedoms and hunting heritage. When politicians propose pointless restrictions on our right to keep and bear arms, NRA-ILA is there. We come armed with the facts; we explain the real-world impact of gun control schemes to lawmakers who may not know otherwise – and we bring with us the power and influence of NRA's five million informed and politically engaged members. And when the Second Amendment is on trial in the courtroom, NRA-ILA is its defense team. That is why NRA-ILA is the most powerful advocacy group in America. But we can't do any of it without the help of like-minded patriots standing with us to defend the cause on the most fundamental level.

This year, we can expect more unlawful, unconstitutional efforts by the anti-gun movement to cast our Second Amendment rights aside forever. As freedom-loving gun owners, we must use our political powers to proactively and unapologetically fight to defeat all who would trump on our Second Amendment rights. Together, we will not let anti-gun politicians and media elites keep us from securing our freedoms today and for future generations.

With your help and support, NRA-ILA will persevere in upholding America's inalienable, individual human right to keep and bear arms. We will continue to meet opponents of the Second Amendment with unflinching determination and an unwavering dedication to the preservation of our freedoms. We will educate politicians and the public, alter decades of firearm misconceptions, transform the political landscape, and ignite a nation of champions of the Second Amendment. And we will not back down – not now, not ever. We will forever Defend America.

Defend America
Defend America
Join us in defending America's firearms freedoms and hunting heritage!

You can Defend America in your area. Please share your contact information if you are interested in supporting this important program.

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